Why Worship Is So Important (Part I)

By Pr Ay Nee Ng

Why is worship so important to every believer of God? Let me share you Nancy Missler’s testimony on relation to the article “Private Worship: What Makes Worship So Important?”

This article was originally published in the July 2004 Personal Update News Journal. This series [on worship] began two months ago with her own story of several years ago, where she had become so discouraged and so disheartened at some of the horrific events in her life that she had lost the joy of her salvation. She tried to remedy it by praying more, going to more Bible studies and giving more things over to the Lord. But still, she remained shut down and joyless.

The event that finally changed her life was seeing the word “worship” at every turn. You know how it is when God tries to get your attention, He allows you to hear His voice everywhere. So, she began to question herself, “Does she personally really worship the Lord?”

Over time, He answered her: “Nancy, you don’t even know what worship means, and that’s why you have no joy.”
Now, she’s been a Christian for over 47 years, so you’d think that she would, at least, have a handle on what true worship is. The truth that the Lord showed her was, yes, she praised Him, yes, she read His Word and yes, she confessed and repented of her sins on a daily basis. But, after she did these things, she would get up and go about her business, without so much as a thought about truly worshiping Him. Oh, yes, every once in a while, she would raise her hands in church or fall on her face to pray for something specific, but He showed her that on a daily basis and on a personal level, she had never entered into worshiping Him and adoring Him. As a result, when the trials hit, she lost the joy of her salvation.

[Psalm 16:11 links joy and worship together: “…only in [His] presence [through worship], is there fullness of joy.”]

This new series in her church will attempt to explore some of the incredible things that the Lord has shown her about worship and how they are absolutely changing her life.

So Church, are our lives changing? Is our walk with God more passionate, or is it mundane, boring, or worst, have we lost our joy in seeing the good in others or ourselves? The answer to it is worship the King of kings and Lord of lords! Let us worship our God.

These series on “Why” is to get us back on track and move forward passionately, restoring the things of God back into our lives. So the first key to get back on track with God and draw close to God is worship.

What Is Worship?
By definition, worship is to ascribe worth to something or someone. But true worship is also a matter of the heart. It must be felt. It can’t be ritualistic or repetitive. It can’t be just an external thing like going through the motions, but when you truly worship, something moves inside of you—your emotions are in tune with God.

True worship is a heartfelt expression of love, adoration, admiration, respect, fascination, wonder, exuberant joy and celebration. It’s something that happens in your heart, soul and spirit when you begin to praise God for who He is and thank Him for what He has done.

Church, do you know what I truly believe? I believe that if the Body of Christ, that is us, were really taught how to genuinely worship with all our heart, mind and spirit, it would revolutionize the Church! Do we want this? Yes, because through worship, we will see many breakthroughs in our lives, and God will rekindle the flame for Jesus Christ our Lord!

Church, we can’t do without worshipping our God almighty. There is power in worship and in the releasing of all our clogged up emotions. Worship is the expression of His love, grace and mercy upon us. In worship, we hold Him in high esteem and respect.

We want so many things in life, but in the end, it comes to naught. But the one thing that sticks to the very end in our lives and the key in drawing close to God is WORSHIP. Worship restores many things back in our lives and the most significant is our “joy”. So, as you take this time of prayer and fasting, please worship and adore the King of kings and Lord of lords!

Church, remembering why we worship is important and powerful. The people of Israel couldn’t proceed further in their journey to the Promised Land. What hindered them was the walled city of Jericho. To break and tear down those walls, God told Joshua: “I will give you the land. Now, follow my instructions”. God gave specific instructions for Joshua and His people to follow (Read Joshua 6). After marching once around the city for 6 days, they were to march 7 times around the city on the seventh day. On the seventh time, they were to march and give a loud shout in one voice in unison when they heard the ram’s horns blast, and the walls will crumble down.

Church, yesterday at prayer, God spoke to me to “break down the walls in Jesus’ name”—the walls in our lives, this place, our church, and our community. Thus, we bind and break these walls and the powers of darkness, witchcraft, deception, confusion, lies and intimidation over us in Jesus’ name. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this. Amen.

In pair, we will walk around the building. I will lead the way with the musicians behind me, and Ps Peter will take the rear. Church, Jesus Christ is sovereign over our lives, church and community, so let us sing “Jesus We Entrone You” and “Shine Jesus Shine” as we walk.

Let us pray and ask God to restore our joy and His goodness back into our lives. Let us really worship Him with all our heart, soul, and might.